If you’re looking to maximise your tax refund or minimise your tax burden then we’re the ones to talk to.


Self-managed Super?

If you’re interested in setting up a self-managed super fund or already have one then we’re here to help you. Whether it’s maintaining compliance with regulations, managing the book-keeping or assistance with the taxation implications of investments we’ll help keep things simple and easy.


Running a Business? Contracting or Consulting?

If you’re on your own in business or in business with family members, friends or associates then we’re the ones to talk to. We’ve helped Contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, farming partnerships, family businesses and many other unique entities with their record-keeping, business management and taxation matters.


Running a Business with Employees?

Businesses that employ others require a specific range of expertise. Employees will often be handling your money and interacting with your customers and clients. Things can quickly get quite stressful and worrying should you not have a good handle on things. We’ve seen numerous businesses through the start-up, growth, consolidation and wind-up or transitional phases. We have helped with the employment process, helped develop business management solutions that are reliable and efficient and helped with the proper structuring for taxation minimisation and risk avoidance.


Audit & Assurance?

If you’re running an organisation that has many separate stakeholders then you’ll generally encounter a need at some stage for audit or assurance services.

We at Laterals are experts in auditing not-for-profits, licensed clubs, companies limited by guarantee and recipients of government grants. We see the audit as an opportunity to work with the management and governance team to check that the record-keeping and reporting function is working as it should and improve it if necessary.


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