About Us

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is another of our founding directors. He started in accounting before turning his hand to starting his own business. After several years this business had reached a stage of maturity and was running under its own steam. Fortunately for many he then found the lure of the world of accounting too strong and returned to the field. He holds a true passion for helping people make their accounting and taxation burdens as light as possible. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the “shoe-box” client if it is the best fit for the business concerned. He also holds a strong enthusiasm for cloud-based accounting software and sees it as the future of record-keeping. Tim has seen first-hand how it can make life easier for business-people. For Tim it’s all about fitting a person with the right system for them and their situation. He believes it best for a solid base to be established so appropriate strategic taxation advice can be properly developed and implemented.


Grant Pearce

Grant Pearce is one of our founding directors. He brings to the firm a level of business experience rarely found in accountants today. He is not merely a theoretician. Grant owned and ran his own successful firm in Victoria in the 80s, strayed into owning and operating family hotels for a time, but succumbed to the call of public practice again in 1994. Grant is passionate about helping people establish and grow their small businesses and he continues to have an equity and management stake in a very successful small retail business. Grant not only talks the talk – he also walks the walk.

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